Lighted Wall

HMI lighted Red Wall

Edge Lit Acrylic Bar Wall. 5' tall x 21' wide.

Interror Signs LED

Reception Desk

1/4" acrylic signs,Lettered first and second surface with floating mounts & LED back light.

Acrylic Signs first and second surface

HMI Brand Portal Signs

The SLF sign in the background is 1/2" thick acrylic with 2" standoffs. We used LED to light the perimeter and Translucent Vinyl to back the clear acrylic to provide an overall glow. There is lettering on both the front and the back of the acrylic to provide depth and shadow.

Wall Words HMI

HMI Vinyl Wall Words

HMI used an empty space to economically convey a corporate statement. These graphics are removable so to change them out year after year is simple and cost effective.

Aluminum plate letters

dimensional lettering

When you have a logo or want to make a bolder statement dimensional lettering is the way to go. These are 1/4" thick aluminum plate letters, flush mounted to the wall.

Custom Printed Backdrop

Printed Screens

HMI used a 99% solid screen to print back drop images for their showroom. This provides a great visual break to show off your product and with the little bit of movement from the air flow of the building, draws the eye to the product. You can provide the image or we can supply the image, printing in color or black and white.